RPiBuntu 16.04

RPiBuntu 16.04 is now available here.

This version contains the current 4.4.8 kernel. By default, it boots with the old graphics driver. To enable the new open-source VC4 module uncomment the corresponding lines in /boot/config.txt and reboot. Please note, Kodi works only with the old graphics driver right now.

If you upgrade from a previous version, please note that the xenial repository is signed with a new key and a stronger hash algorithm in order to avoid apt-get warnings. To add the new key, execute:

wget https://github.com/anyc/rpibuntu/raw/master/dev_kicherer_org.gpg
apt-key add dev_kicherer_org.gpg

The MD5SUMS and the script to create own images can be found on GitHub. If you find bugs or have any problems, please open an issue on GitHub.